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Isn’t it funny how the little decisions you make can change your entire future? If anything in the day Ted talks about had happened any differently, he never would have met the mother of his future children. It’s just super romantic how Robin’s food poisoning, Barney’s 200th sexual partner, and Marshall’s love of charts brings Ted to the love of his life.

See, Ted finally got his first client at Mosbius Designs: he gets to design a restaurant shaped like a cowboy hat. It may not be his dream job but at least it’s a job, which is exactly what Robin says. She has a fun case of food poisoning and so she came home to sleep and vomit. Though at first she refuses to tell Ted where she got the food poisoning, she finally caves and tells him it was his favorite bagel place. Simply by telling him where she got the food poisoning, she changed his entire future.

Barney plays his part when he plans to bed Petra Pemcova, whom he has a date with. This is a special one, though, because she’s his 200th partner. While Ted may think that’s too many people, Marshall breaks it down chart-style to show that Barney really has only slept with one percent of the women he’s hit on. It could be way worse. Either way, Barney is so excited about 200 (which is a promise he made a bully in the 7th grade) that he’s passed by suiting up and is wearing a tux for the occasion. Marshall, Ted, and Robin share his excitement, kind of, until Robin notices Barney wrote one name twice. And he only has two hours before he has to meet Petra. He can’t squander such a beautiful woman on 199! He hits on every girl in the bar and, true to form, doesn’t get anywhere. There is one girl, though, he knows at his gym that has been after him for some time. He comes back to the bar ready for 200, which is when Robin notices that he skipped a number. Meaning…scary Paula from the gym was 200 and Petra is out of luck.

Sad stuff for Barney. Even sadder/funnier is the intervention the gang throws for Marshall. He seems to have gone chart crazy. He makes pie charts about the bars he likes and bar graphs about the pies he likes. It’s out of control, hence the intervention. During this intervention, of course, they take all his charts, including the ones for work. He calls Ted frantically but when Ted goes to the dumpster, he finds a homeless man has taken all the charts and is trying to sell them on the street. He’s a little bit crazy and so he will only sell the charts for a million dollars. Ted makes up some lie and says he can only take one dollar out of the bank a day and so he’ll pay one dollar a day for a million days, which is roughly 2700 years. The guy agrees and Marshall gets his charts.

How does this all affect Ted meeting the mother? Well, when he went out for a bagel to try and draw inspiration for his first job, he decided to go to his second favorite bagel place. He also stopped by the newsstand to see a picture of Paula in a weightlifting magazine. He also crossed down to the homeless man’s corner to give him a dollar. If any of this had changed, he might have crossed the street before she could touch his shoulder. And who is it? Stella!

I know. I can hardly believe it myself. In fact, I can’t believe it. She ran off with her ex and left Ted broken hearted. What the? Maybe it turns out to be her friend or something? I don’t know how they’re going to pull that one off but I do know why Barney is going to be ready to date Robin. After fulfilling his revenge promise of 200 women, he ponders what he’s going to do now and shoots a glance in Robin’s direction. Oh yeah, totally happening. You’ll see.