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TV Recap: Heroes Chapter 9 Cautionary Tales

This season on Heroes we have been wondering if the motives and actions of some of our heroes have been for the benefit or demise of the world at large. Is Noah really a family man? Is Matt Parkman as sweet as he seems? Does Bob really want to help people? Questions like these have been swimming around my brain for the entire season. This episode has done a good job of peeling the surface layers from some of our more complicated heroes to reveal what kind of characters they really are.

This episode begins with a Bennet family crisis. Noah knows in order to keep Claire safe and doge the potential bullet in his eye that the whole family has to skip town. Claire throws a temper tantrum and refuses to leave. Like viewers, Claire is unsure of what Noah is really up to. The more you learn about him the shadier he becomes. But then again, somewhere deep down inside you can’t help but want him to be one of the good guys.

Take away the molester fade, horn rimmed glasses and mysterious facial expressions and you get a modern day Ward Cleaver. Noah does all these “bad” things for the love he has for his family. He might not have been the best guy in the past but he puts his life on the line to do the right thing. Not to mention he stopped himself from killing Suresh (which later turned out not be best the best move.) The bottom line is Noah might be a little weird sometimes but his motives are good and true. In my book Noah Bennet is a good egg. But being a good egg isn’t all it’s cracked up to be; sometimes you get betrayed by the people you trust most.

While Noah is looking to solve domestic issues Hiro goes back in time to try and save his father. Even though his intentions are good Hiro’s father explains that it is his destiny to be killed. Their last moments together were heart warming and sweet. Hiro reluctantly left his father to die. He might have let his father go but he did freeze time to see who his killer was. To his surprise it was Kensei (a.k.a Adam). If you haven’t realized it by now Hiro is an extra large grade “A” egg!

Back in the present Suresh devised a plan with Bob and Elle to take Claire away from Noah. Suresh wanted to execute the plan without harming Noah. But things didn’t go as planned. Noah and West saved Claire from Bob. Then Noah thought it would be a good idea to kill Bob and Elle for the benefit for humanity. But Suresh stepped in and took it upon himself to shoot Noah to save Bob and Elle.

I kind of saw it coming because Suresh has been a little back and forth lately. He is easily manipulated by the people around him and is always second guessing himself. Therefore he makes bad decisions. If I were Suresh I would really be watching my back for the likes of Claire. The only things saving Suresh’s soul now is that Noah might still be alive. The bottom line is that because Suresh is an easily manipulated idiot he is not a good egg.

While Suresh is teaming up with the bad guys his boyfriend Matt is playing father to Molly and badass mind controlling cop. Parkman might be a good guy on the surface but I think he might be developing Sylar Syndrome. He’s having a little too much fun playing mind games. I just hope he heeds Angie Patrelli’s warning and doesn’t let all the power go to his head ( or any one else’s). As of right now I’m not sure if Matt is a good egg or a bad egg so lets just say he is…um... a hard boiled egg.

Finally are favorite father daughter team Bob and Elle. We found out this week that as the head of the ruthless paper company Bob tortured and ran experiments on his own daughter. There is nothing quite like abusing your daughter and then using her to do your dirty work. For a second I felt bad for Elle, but then I remembered what she did to Catherine’s brother in Ireland. Ouch!

But Bob did trade Claire for Elle at the beach (that has to earn him some daddy points) and Elle ran to the protective arms of her father. Even though that was a heart warming moment I still wanted Noah to pull the trigger. Bottom line… these two are extremely rotten eggs.

There are only a few episodes left. Hopefully we will get a lot of answers. Next week I believe Peter is on the war path to stop the virus. I’m hoping all the heroes get together, the good the bad and the rotten! We haven’t seen them all together since the explosion last season. Lets keep our fingers crossed.