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TV Recap: Kid Nation Viva La Revolution

Politics, Politics, Politics… is a dirty game. It seems everywhere you go someone is running a dirty campaign, is part of a conspiracy theory or is trying to solicit sex in a bathroom stall. Most of it is entertaining and often sad but I do find myself laughing a lot. In any event this past episode of Kid Nation was particularly fun to watch because the kids went political. I was super excited to see how things were going to pan out. Like any election there was a bit of drama, crying and of course sweet victory.

Some candidates were very sure of themselves and others bit their nails wondering if they were going to keep their seats or perish and become one of the common pioneers. My friend and I both wanted Taylor to be voted off and we waited patiently until the final votes were counted.

For the green team (my favorite team) we had Laurel versus herself. I thought that was just fantastic. I love Laurel. I’m not just a sucker for a Boston accent either, I actually think she is doing a great job. Being a leader is hard and sometimes you have to make decisions that nobody likes but obviously she is doing right by her peers because not one person wanted to oppose her.

For the blue team we had Anjay versus Olivia. There was some bad blood between these two candidates. Olivia really gave Anjay a hard time. She constantly taunted him and basically said he was a follower and not a leader. I personally wasn’t really feeling Olivia. She was really mean and I don’t think people should win elections by slander. In any event when the votes were tallied Anjay got to keep is spot on the council and Olivia bitterly kept her seat on the bottom floor. Anjay even promised to listen to her more and she basically didn’t believe him. Poor Anjay! Just a little advice for the little guy, some women you just can’t please so don’t lose any sleep over it.

For the red team we had Mike versus Gaylun… who? That’s what I thought. When Mike gave his speech and asked if anyone would like to oppose him this little home schooled Sanjaya lookalike raised his hand and asked the towns people if they would like a change. Some of them cheered but in all honesty I didn’t think this new guy had a chance. For the last month I haven’t even seen him on the show and he has shown no special anything to be elected to the town council. But in a surprising upset the red team in an almost unanimous vote elected Mike off the council. I was dumb founded. I think Mike was the least of anyone’s problems. Yes, he was a bit too emotional at times, but I think that’s what makes him for real. He is a good kid. Mike took the results really hard and I even began to tear up a little. Hopefully Guylan is all he says he is cracked up to be.

And last but not least, for the yellow team we had Taylor versus Zach. Everyone in town wanted Taylor off the council. There was even a kid who ripped down her campaign posters and jumped on them with his pogo stick. I gather that what we witnessed was a Bonanza city protest. Sometimes I think Zach is a little much but he is by far a much better candidate for leader than Dictator Taylor. When the votes were tallied Zach beat Taylor by one vote. I think the only reason Taylor had any votes at all is because of all her little minions. If all the girls voted for Taylor she would have won but obviously one of them betrayed her. Taylor took this initial defeat very well. She smiled, hugged Zach and held back some major tears behind a gigantic fake smile. I think it was all those years of pageant training.

Bonanza City has a new town council. Hopefully these kids do the job that everyone expects them to do. The new guys and the re-elected have some work cut out for them and I have a feeling that some of the kids won’t have it as easy as they used to. I guess we will have to find out next week.