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TV Recap: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – Dungeons and Dragons

Tonight, we got our first indication that Cameron might not be the “good” terminator she’s lead everyone to believe she is. While destroying the remains of the bad terminator she deprogrammed last week, she pockets a vital piece of his remains, telling Sarah she lost it. Then she turns to the camera and gives us that icy stare, only icier than usual. It also begs the question: Can terminators lie? Because it sure seems like she lied to Sarah.

Meanwhile, Sarah, John and Charlie Dixon (Sarah’s ex) work to save Derek Reese’s life after he was shot last week. He’s in rough shape – seizures, sweats, and coughing up enough blood to land on an episode of House. Not only that, he’s having hallucinatory flashbacks, or rather, flash-forwards, since he’s remembering back to when he was in the future. I know, that’s confusing, but here’s the deal: He’s remembering when he and brother Kyle (John’s father) and John himself were in a post-apocalyptic landscape, fighting the war against the terminators.

Also in his Derek's flash-forward is Andy Good, who helped to build Skynet by creating a computer with a brain, a.k.a. the Turk. Sarah befriended him to gain information. In the future, Andy is oh so sorry for all the chaos he's created. We also learn why Derek freaked out about seeing Cameron. It's because she was there in the future, still as a protector, but at one point, she has to kill a good-terminator-gone-bad. “Sometimes they go bad,” she says. “We don’t know why.” Which brings me back to her pocketing the bad-terminator component, then giving us the evil eye. Hmmm…

As for Charlie Dixon, he’s having trouble wrapping his brain around the whole terminator-end-of-the-world thing. That is, until he sees Cameron carving up and torching the deprogrammed terminator. She freaks him out. She freaks me out, too.

Even though Sarah still has feelings for Charlie she says they can’t be together, for his own protection. As they part, he says, “There’s a storm comin’…” Yeah, we’ve heard that before.