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Tonight, we get to see how the human terminator comes into being. Or, at least I think that’s what happens. Feel free to tell me: I'm full of crap. Ok, never mind on telling me I'm full of crap. Still, it’s a little confusing with the time travel thing going on, but it’s definitely the beginning of the creepy human terminators. Let’s see if I can piece it together for you.

The terminator in the Darth Vader get-up from last week breaks into a hospital and steals some blood products, then pays a visit to a scientist with a history of replicating human traits such as skin, etc. The scientist gets all geeky and starts talking about synthetic oxygen carriers that carry oxygen to the skin. “The real world applications are mind-blowing,” he tells the terminator. Almost as mind-blowing as when the terminator takes off his costume and stands there in all his scary naked robotic glory.

Together, they give the terminator a makeover that has him looking like the burnt guy in The English Patient, only with scary red-glowing eyes. Where’d he get those? Read on.

They came from a guy that Sarah tracked down through Miles Dyson’s widow. It’s been ten years since Miles died and, well, she thought Sarah was dead, too. You know, because she “died” of cancer a couple years ago. Surprise! Not dead. Just time-traveling.

Anyway, Sarah shows Miles’ widow some photos, one of whom she recognizes as an intern who worked at Cyber-Dyne, only he’s a cell phone salesman now. Sarah and he end up going on a date, and he shows her “The Turk,” a computer system he made that plays chess at a level that will defeat any player any time. But it gets freakier, because the computer actually appears to “think,” as in it has moods and solves problems differently each day. This is not good in the whole scheme of things.

If I understand things here, the terminator broke into this guy’s house – the night Sarah was there, she saw someone outside his window – and killed him and took a few body parts, including his eyes. Feel free to correct me if you saw that differently.

Meanwhile, John and Cameron try to blend in at school, but she’s doing a crappy job of it so far. 1) She walks around their house half-naked, which gets John’s knickers in a twist; 2) She can’t pass the metal detector at school, so they made up a story about her having a metal plate in her head; 3) She tells the truth when girls ask, “Does this dress make me look fat?” (yes); and 4) She’s just not that great with the human emotion stuff. Things end badly when a girl who’s snubbed by her fellow classmates and gets little empathy from Cameron ends up jumping off the roof of the gym. Cameron won't let John stop her. “I’m supposed to be a hero!” he tells Sarah later. “Why not just give it to them, if we’re going to act like them!”

Clearly, he doesn’t quite have the hang of this hero thing yet.

And the FBI agent, James Ellison, is still sniffing around putting the pieces together. You know who he reminds me of? Denzel Washington…sort of.

Oh, and Sarah visits the doc who did her blood tests last week. She’s healthy now, but how can she prevent cancer? she asks him. Then gets a little weepy when he starts talking about not worrying about the future. Well, wouldn’t you be weepy if you had that whole Judgment Day thing hanging over you? Come on, you know you would.