Things Looking Up For The Future Of Veronica Mars

Things are starting to look up for ‘Veronica Mars.’ Though no official announcement has been made about whether or not The CW Network will be canceling the show, word on the figurative street is that the network big-wigs were impressed by Rob Thomas’ trailer for a re-imagined version of the series.

For those of you who are out of the ‘Mars’ loop, the series, which originally began airing on UPN has been moving dangerously close to cancellation this season after a severe decrease in the show’s already suffering ratings. The series’ creator, Rob Thomas put together a trailer for the fourth season, which would be a re-imagined version of the series. Some sources are saying the next season would fast forward to Veronica’s post-college years with her working as an FBI agent. Other sources say she will be studying to be an FBI agent. I’m pretty sure the latter reports are inaccurate and that Mars will actually be an FBI agent if/when the show returns. Either way, she’ll be done with college, a few years older and there will be more than a few casting-cuts made to the series.

Rob Thomas presented the trailer to CW entertainment president Dawn Ostroff and The Hollywood Reporter announced today that they heard she was “very impressed” by it. With this news plus the recent announcement that ‘Gilmore Girls’ was cancelled, there’s a possibility that ‘Mars’ might actually return next season.

Kelly West
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