Three New True Blood Teasers Warn That You Can't Escape Your Past

HBO has released three new teasers for Season Five of True Blood, which is slated to return this summer. The videos don’t show any of the actual stars of the show, but feature lines from previous episodes while the camera pans around three familiar locations. The teasers intensify the anticipation of unfinished business set to come around again.

The first teaser for the upcoming season told us “nothing stays buried forever”, and the new “Echoes of the Past” teasers build on that, ending with the line “You can’t escape your past.” Certainly we can expect that the past will be rising from the dead in a serious way this coming season. It seems fairly certain that Russell, the one-time vampire king of Mississippi gone rogue, will pay a visit to Bon Temps this season, but odds are good he’s not the only one making a reappearance.

Check out the three teasers, taking place in Fangtasia, Eric’s vampire bar, Sookie’s house, and Bill’s house, and make your own guesses as to which echoes of the past plan to catch up with the ever-interesting residents of Bon Temps this summer.