While The Office is coming to an end after the upcoming season, the series may not mark the end of the TV road for Dwight K. Schrute. A spin-off project is in the works, and while nothing is set in stone yet (it's only in the pilot stage), we could see Dwight live on with The Farm. Two more characters for the project have been cast, filling in the Schrute family tree a bit more.

As it stands now, the cast of the potential spin-off The Farm will be introduced to us in an episode of The Office's ninth and final season, after which NBC will make their decision as to whether or not to green light the project to series. The show will follow Dwight's extended family and the Schrute beet farm, which Office fans are well familiar with. Previously cast in the project are Majandra Delfino, playing Dwight's sister, and Thomas Middleditch playing his brother. And now, according to Deadline, veteran actor Tom Bower has signed on to play Dwight's great uncle Heinrich in The Farm. And Matt Jones will play Dwight's cousin.

Heinrich is described as "charming, greedy, manipulative… and may have had to spend time in Argentina following World War II, thanks to his German National Socialist roots." Sounds like he'll bring his own bag of unusual to this party. That should probably be expected from each of the Schrutes on some level. Bower's credits include Die Hard 2 and The Hills Have Eyes.

Also joining the spinoff is Matt Jones, who will play Dwight's cousin Zeke. The role was originally supposed to be a guest-starring part (or recurring), but it sounds like it could be expanded a bit if this project goes forward. Breaking Bad fans will recognize Jones for playing Jesse's meth-distributing pal Badger in the AMC drama series.

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