Tom Hanks, Leo DiCaprio And Mikhail Gorbachev Will Chronicle The Soviet Union's Fall For HBO

Tom Hanks and Leo DiCaprio are teaming up with former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev to tell the story of the last years of the Soviet Union for HBO films. The project will aptly be called Gorbachev and will look at the subject through the famous leader’s eyes. In addition to Gorbachev’s historical perspective, the politician’s aide Pavel Palazhchenko, journalist David E. Hoffman, and Serbian director Dejan Karaklaji? have all signed on to consult during the making of the film.

If you’ve been wondering what former showrunner John Shiban is getting into after stepping down from Hell on Wheels, the answer is Gorbachev. Shiban is writing the flick, which Deadline is reporting came together thanks to DiCaprio’s relationship with Gorbachev himself. The former leader appeared in DiCaprio’s 11th Hour documentary which stemmed interest in this project. Initially a different team and a different writer were signed on, but it was Shiban’s writing work that sealed the deal for HBO.

An account of Gorbachev’s work and the story of his country in the later eighties and early nineties could make for a pretty interesting film or a slow-going one. Luckily, Hanks is committed to executive producing the TV endeavor, and his track record, especially with HBO stuff, is pretty good. Hanks will executive produce Gorbachev alongside DiCaprio, Jennifer Killoran, Gary Goetzman, and Keith Addis. The film seems to still be in the pretty early stages of development, but we’ll keep you posted as casting is announced and a release date gets a little closer.

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