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It's a good day for fans of funny people. Tony Hale, late (and I do mean that) of Chuck, and cult-famous for Arrested Development has just landed a series regular role on Awkward Situations for Men. The ABC pilot features UK funny man Danny Wallace in the lead as (almost) himself coming to America.

The series also features Eli Stone's Matt Letscher, though there's no word on what kind of characters either Letscher or Hale will play in the Zap2It article. Of course, there isn't even a guarantee that any pilot will get ordered to series, and in some cases even that's not enough to get on the air. But I see the addition of a talent the level of Hale's as a very good thing.

In Chuck and AD he played such very different characters, and yet they were both rather pathetic in their own way. Pathetic is something Hale excels at. I could see him playing someone who's trying to take advantage of Wallace's character, or even just a new incredibly awkward friend. Hell, the title of the show makes you think of Hale's characters.

Of course, Hale could take it in an entirely new direction. All I know is that Awkward Situations for Men just made the list of pilots I'd definitely like to see.

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