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One of the things I failed to mention during my breakdown of last night's episode was how strange it is to see Sookie back in her Merlotte's t-shirt. I'm sure she's put it on once or twice over the course of the last few seasons, but seeing her at work in her too-tight white-tee, hair up in a ponytail, feels like a throwback to the first season. I also noted that Arlene was sporting her own uniform-of-choice (white t-shirt with a dark bra underneath). Feels like old times!

The preview video ahead offers the hint of lots of trouble for Sookie during next week's episode. Spoilers ahead!

During "Whatever I Am, You Made Me," Sookie revealed to Alcide that she shot Debbie. He stormed off without confirming whether or not he was going to tell anyone. The preview below touches on that…

Is it possible Sookie is laying on that couch dreaming when Alcide tells her he told the Pelts about Debbie?

In other news, it looks like Bill and Eric are planning to recruit Sookie to help them (or forcing her). Nora may be in for the true death, but her character feels too new for that to happen, so perhaps she'll be spared or rescued somehow? Lafayette is calling someone the "angel of death." Is he throwing some blame at Sookie over what happened to Tara (and Debbie)? We'll find out when "We'll Meet Again" airs next Sunday night!

In the meantime, read our full breakdown of last night's episode here.

True Blood airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET On HBO.

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