True Blood Season 4 Finale Preview: Fire And Blood

A fair amount of the characters on True Blood are technically dead, and yet they still remain as present and relevant as ever. Still, these promos for the season finale of True Blood seem to indicate that the true death may be inevitable for one or more of Bon Temps’ residents. Spoilers ahead!

Season 4’s finale isn’t set to take place until a week from Sunday (September 11th), however HBO released not one, but two promos for the final episode, both of which offer numerous glimpses of violence, mayhem and audible devastation.

This first one shows the Bon Temps town sign with a rapidly decreasing population count, between flashes of chaos and possibly death. Look especially closely at the :17 mark. Is that Jason?!

And for those of you looking for a little more content from the episode, it appears we’ll be seeing the return of Jesus’ “Latin thing” demon-face, and a lot of angry fighting.

True Blood airs Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. ET on HBO.

Kelly West
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