If you caught the first few minutes of Season 4 of True Blood and were left with a craving for more, you’re in luck! Another sneak preview has made its way online and this one is a lot more interesting.

If you haven’t seen the first sneak peek, watch it here. Or, to catch you up, the the first video features Sookie in fairy-land where she runs into fellow mind-reader Barry and her long-lost grandfather. The video below picks up pretty much where the last one left off, except things get a lot more exciting. Apparently, the fairies are planning a harvest (that has nothing to do with glowing peaches).

Why exactly did Sookie think she and her grandfather were the only two people who could hear each others' thoughts? She might as well have covered her mouth and whispered really loudly.

True Blood Season 4 premieres June 26th on HBO

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