For the first time in a while, the hour True Blood flew by. It started with a bang (literally) and left us hanging with a rare but excellent hero (anti-hero?) slow-mo walk. And of course, once again, the fate of Sookie hangs in the balance as the vampires continue to feud with the witches.

I’ll be the first to admit that Sookie’s random hand-light bursts do tend to be a bit convenient. When all else fails, Sookie throws some blue light at the situation and everything’s ok. However, her intervention in the fight between Eric and Bill at the start of tonight’s episode was fantastic. Not only did she stop the fight, but she also zapped the magic out of Eric, putting him back to old-Eric with a few Sookie-related upgrades. He remembers who he was, but the experiences he’s had since Antonia took his memory have changed him. In other words, he’s the best (and worst) of both Erics.

Sookie and Eric’s heart to heart included Eric explaining where his head is at, and Sookie admitting that she still loves Bill, but she loves Eric too. There wasn’t much time for the two of them to explore their options from there as there were other pressing matters to attend to.

What Have I Done?
After seeing the post-rally carnage, Antonia had second thoughts about her war with the vampires. This world is much bigger and more complicated than the one she came from. It was Marnie who managed to get Antonia back on track, either because she hates vampires (and vampire supporters) or because she’s in love with the power that comes with Antonia’s possession, or both. She convinced Antonia that the ends still justify the means, even if non-innocent humans get caught in the crossfire.

It’s a Latin Thing
Having heard that the vampires were planning an attack on the MoonGoddess Emporium, Sookie, Lafayette, Jesus, and Jason headed to the witch headquarters in an attempt to appeal to Marnie and hopefully rescue the imprisoned witches. Jesus’ inner demon was revealed as he fought his way through the magic barrier.

I had this terrible feeling tonight, watching Jesus and Lafayette say goodbye to each other earlier as Jesus planned to talk to Antonia/Marnie, that he was going to die. While that didn’t happen tonight, I still have this sinking feeling that Jesus won’t make it out of this season alive.

Things didn’t end well for the good-guys. Jesus learned that Marnie’s totally loving being possessed, and Antonia caught wind of what was happening outside and zapped Sookie, Lafayette and a running Jesus (presumably) back into MoonGoddess Emporium, where they’re all sitting ducks as there are angry vampires dressed in black and packing giant weaponry as they prepare an attack.

Is Jason the only hope? Antonia may have overlooked him, but she definitely shouldn’t underestimate Jason’s willingness to step up and play the hero when the role becomes available.

Fort Bellefleur
After finding a vile of V, Terry took Andy to Fort Bellefleur to shoot guns and wrastle in the dirt. I’m assuming this is a normal intervention technique for the Bellefleurs. After a lot of fighting, arguing and a big reminder that Terry’s had a rough life, including having seen some bad things while serving in the military, Andy admitted he had a problem, cried and had his rock-bottom moment. Hopefully this means the end of V-addict Andy and that he’s on the road to recovery, because Bon Temps could use a few more heroes right now.

Werewolves and Shifters
Tommy’s dead. I hate to be relieved that this means the end of his story because there was always a part of me that wanted to like him or at the very least, to find some appreciation for his place in the story, but that never happened. Instead, his death, which may have been due to having shifted into Sam again, is being pinned on Marcus, who participated in, and orchestrated the beating Tommy took for his brother. Maybe it was a combination of the beating and the shifting. Regardless, Sam is out for Marcus’ blood for what he did to his brother.

Marcus has that to deal with and an inevitable feud with Alcide if/when he convinces Debbie to cheat on (or leave) Alcide. Debbie wants a werebaby and while Alcide may not be willing to give her one, Marcus seems ready and willing.

Jason and Jessica
After having sex with Jessica, Jason felt enough remorse to ask Jessica to make him forget the ordeal. This is probably the thing to say to a girl immediately after sleeping with her, Jason. The request angered Jessica and, added to her own remorse for having slept with Hoyt’s best friend, left her with a thirst for blood (even bigger than usual).

Meanwhile, Jason managed to play it cool with Hoyt later one, but Hoyt’s keen sense of smell could result in him sniffing out the situation if he manages to catch wind of Jessica’s perfume on Jason.

It seems like Bill and Nan are in major disagreement about how things are being handled. Could this season be a set-up for some political issues between the vampires of Bon Temps and the American Vampire League? I’m just wondering if the arguments we’re seeing between Bill and Nan are going to be relevant, or if they’re just there to show how amusing it is to see a bunch of chained-up vampires bickering. Thoughts?

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