True Blood Season 5 Character Posters: Look Who's Included...

The last teaser released for the upcoming fifth season of True Blood gave us our first look of former Law & Order star Chris Meloni with fangs. I suspect fans won't get tired of seeing that anytime soon. In the meantime, we get another look at Meloni in fangs here, as he's featured among the numerous character posters HBO released for the series' new season.

Spoiler alert!

Fangs out, Meloni's character Roman seems threatening and dangerous, though not quite as menacing as he appears in the recently posted teaser. He's not the only one in fangs. The various posters show off some of the other vampires, including Jessica, Bill, Eric, Pam and Russell, the latter of whom was revealed to have been dug up at the end of the last season and is expected to be back.

We also get a look at some of the non-vampires, including Sam, Sookie and Jason. Interestingly enough, and this may be considered a spoiler, but Tara is also included...

The last we saw of Tara, she was shot in the head by Debbie. We learned last fall that Rutina Wesley was set to return for Season 5, but it was unknown at that time how and in what form. Does her inclusion in the posters mean we should expect to find her alive? Or if not alive, then returned in some other form? (Ghost? Vampire? Any theories?) Seeing her included with the rest of the characters here has me feeling optimistic that she'll play an active role in the fifth season - at least, as active and relevant as any other character among the ensemble. We'll have to wait and see!

True Blood returns for Season 5 on June 10 on HBO.

Kelly West
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