One more indication that summer is ending: True Blood is over for another season. Tonight's episode closed out Season 5, leaving us with a typical whopper of a cliffhanger, and nearly a year to speculate over what's ahead. And while there were a couple of fairly major deaths, I'm pretty sure if we did the math, the episode ended about even, if not up a character or two.

Season 5 finale episode spoilers ahead!

Body Count
Russell is dead. Eric had the honor of popping Russell like a balloon shortly after the fairies' attempts to zap Russell with light failed. Russell will once again be missed, but he sort of had it coming. Also dead is Rosalyn, who was ripped apart from the inside by Sam, who flew into her as a fly and then shifted back into his human form. Awesome. His coolest death since he killed Maryann in Season 2. Salome is dead too, but we'll get to that in a minute. Alcide killed JD, so that takes care of that problem. Did I miss anyone? Oh, possibly Luna, but that's not confirmed yet. More on that in a bit, also. And a lot of nameless minion vampires were offed.

Bill reborn
Bill came out on top at the end of tonight's episode. After he realized that Solame also thought she was chosen, he went along with that theory and tricked Solame into drinking silver-laced blood, while keeping the sacred Lilith blood for himself. After poisoning and staking Solame, Bill chose to drink the blood himself. It destroyed him and then he was reborn in his own mess of gooey-blood, looking crazed and angry. So I'm guessing Season 6 will have Bill being some kind of godly incarnation of Lilith. And considering what happened to him when he drank the blood, it seems evident that it was the real deal. Or at the very least, the blood had some serious powers. The finale ended with Eric screaming for Sookie to run as reborn-fanged Bill growled at them.

It's worth noting that if Bill couldn't be swayed by Sookie's pleas, there probably isn't anything that would have changed his mind to do what he did. Meanwhile, Sookie and Eric seemed almost reconciled tonight. I wouldn't consider them back together, but Eric did defend and protect Sookie against Nora, who liked the smell of Sookie. And he called her "his" when another vampire commented on how yummy she smelled. He also let her cry on his shoulder when they both thought Bill was dead. Is there a chance these two will get back together? Seems like a possibility at the very least, though that might depend on whether Nora sticks around.

Jason flip-flops…
Of the things I didn't love about the episode, Jason returning to being anti-vampire is at the top of the list. It's mainly because we've seen him do the whole anti-vampire thing before, a couple seasons back when he joined the Fellowship of the Sun. His return to hating vampires seemed to come from a combination of learning his parents were murdered by a vampire, and a bump on the head, which caused him to hallucinate his parents throughout the episode. He did help break into the Authority with Sookie, Tara, Pam and Nora, but he seemed much more motivated by killing vampires than helping anyone. And in the end, when Jessica told him he loved her, he told her he couldn't be with a vampire. Nice, Jason. Not loving the flip-flopping, and not loving how quick he was to reject Jessica.

Jason does get the line of the night, with "That train has already sailed."

Tonight, we choose pack!
Alcide reclaimed his pack tonight, though he had to take some extreme means. Martha brought Ricky (the brunette werewolf Alcide had a fling with) to Alcide and his father's house while Ricky was having a V-overdose. They attempted to treat her by giving her some kind of silver medication, which made her sweat out the blood. Gross. Ricky admitted that JD forced all of the wolves to take V, and he apparently also had some "fun" time with the younger female werewolves. That was pretty much where Alcide drew the line. On his father's advice, he took some V so he'd be strong enough to fight JD, then he went to the werewolves and had a quick fight with the pack master. It didn't take him long to take JD down. Everyone knelt before him and Alcide made it clear that things were going to change. So we should be seeing Alcide running a pack next season. And with Russell dead and Alcide in charge, maybe the pack will get back to its proper form.

Sam spent a good portion of the episode buzzing around the Authority's headquarters as a fly. This included some weird fly-eye camera shots, and led to Sam coming up with the idea for Luna to shift into Newlin to sneak Emma out. It almost worked, until Rosalyn caught up with her, thinking she was Newlin and made her/him go on live television to diffuse the frat house situation. Rosalyn was a step behind. Not only did she not know Russell was dead at that point, but she also didn't know to keep an eye out for shifters, or she wouldn't have been so quick to swat Sam the fly away.

Luna barfed blood on national television, then shifted back to her normal self and tried to tell people about the Authority. I don't really know if much of what she said made it to air, or if it even matters, all things considered. Sam killed Rosalyn shortly after that, and the last we saw of Luna, she looked like she was dying. We all know what happened to Sam's brother when he spent too much time shifted as another human, so it's entirely possible that Luna won't survive what happened. But since she was technically alive at the end of the episode, she doesn't count toward the death toll.

I knew it!
Those are Jessica's words, not mine. I can't say I saw Pam and Tara getting together, but hey, Tara has a history of preferring the same sex, and maybe Pam does too. Or maybe Pam just loves Tara. Either way, there's been tension between the maker/progeny duo all season, and tonight it erupted into a passionate kiss the moment they were able to get Jessica and Pam out of their cages. It's a bit incesty, sure, but that seems to run in that family. Godrick's offspring are kind of Lannisterish that way.

Andy the father
After a major salt craving was satiated, Maurella gave birth in Merlottes. Birth for fairies is apparently not like giving birth for humans. Everything appears to operate the same way, but Maurella seemed to enjoy the sensation of birthing her children much more than most women probably do. And yes, I say children, because she gave birth to four babies, none of which had umbilical cords (or any kind of birthing fluid on them. They were also huge, but that's kind of normal for TV newborns). After she was done having her babies, which Holly delivered, she left. So Andy now has four babies to look after. And Holly was obviously none-too-thrilled about this. She called Andy a dick. I would be surprised if she sticks around to help him honor his sacred duty of seeing that at least half of his offspring make it to adulthood. Four births helped offset some of the deaths in terms of the overall body count for the episode.

The best part about the Merlotte's scenes was watching Arlene, Lafayette and Jane Bodehouse (random returning character of the night!) watching the ordeal while drinking margaritas. They later also watched Luna's blood-barf on the news. Honestly, if Season 6 decided not to include Arlene and Lafayette being dragged through story arcs unrelated to everything else, in exchange for having them sitting around, drinking cocktails and commenting on how bizarre things are around Bon Temps, I wouldn't complain.

And that wraps up Season 5 of True Blood! Not my favorite season by a longshot, but I'll be tuning in next summer to see what happens next.

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