Those of us with a thirst for True Blood have months to wait for the series to return for Season 5. In the meantime, HBO’s latest teasy video comes in the form of a behind-the-scenes look at a scene being filmed, which features Sookie and Alcide discussing something very important.

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t finished Season 4 of True Blood!

There are a lot of reasons to look forward to the return of True Blood, among which is the return of Russell Edgington! While Russell’s presumed reappearance is certainly good for the series, it isn’t good for Sookie and anyone else who may have played a part in his burial. HBO released the video below, which shows the filming of a scene featuring Alcide and Sookie, as Alcide informs Sookie of what we learned at the end of last season. Russell’s back!

It’s interesting that Alcide’s the one breaking this news to her. Is Sookie completely out of contact with Bill and Eric? Or did Alcide just happen to get to her first?

There’s apparently more to the above video, and those with access to HBO Go. Below is caption HBO included with the video...
#WaitingSucks less with a taste of an exclusive True Blood Season 5 scene. Head to HBO GO now to see an extended version of this video. HBO GO is free with your subscription through participating TV providers. . Season 5 of "True Blood" premieres Sunday, June 10th.

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