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True Blood Season 5 Preview: Episode 2 - See Who's Trashing Sookie's Kitchen

The Season 5 premiere of True Blood left us hanging on a number of pretty major issues, two of which are addressed in the clips we have to show you. So, if you haven't gotten around to watching the first episode of the season ("Turn! Turn! Turn!"), read no further. To those who have, wait until you see what a certain new vampire is up to!

When last we saw Tara, she was at Sookie's throat, literally. Having been shot in the head at the end of Season 4, it wasn't clear if she was alive enough to be made into a vampire. Pam was decent enough to take a chance on mostly-dead Tara and as it turns out, she was alive enough to become a vampire… but with a bullet in her brain, maybe not mentally stable enough to handle the transition. In this first clip from "Authority Always Wins," we have a look at Tara zipping around Sookie's kitchen trashing the place. It wouldn't be the first time things got broken in that kitchen, nor will it probably be the last…

I love the way Lafayette covers his neck before entering the kitchen.

Before Tara, we really only have Jessica to look back on when it comes to new vampires in this series. If I remember correctly, Jessica was pretty happy to be a vampire when she woke up. It took a little while to get used to and she had to be taught how to use her super-speed. Tara seems to have tapped right into that speed thing, only it's clear she's not herself.

Meanwhile, this clip doesn't have a lot of talking, but we do get a look at what appears to be a headquarters for the Authority. It's very fancy…

The situation does not look good at all for Eric and Bill.

True Blood airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. on HBO.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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