After five seasons of True Blood, the rules are changing. And that seems particularly fitting, considering the vampires destroyed the Tru Blood factories at the end of last season. As Pam noted during last night's episode, "The Sun," it was the Tru Blood that kept things balanced among the humans and the vampires. It was the Tru Blood that kept them from fighting back, and now that it's gone, the humans are stepping up. Maybe that's part of what the Sanguinista vampires wanted - an all out war between humans and vampires - but they might not have counted on people like Governor Burrell being ready for that war. As Burrell revealed last night, he was just waiting for his opportunity to strike.

The vampires aren't as as much of an advantage as they used to be. Tara received her own personal sample of the new weapons that were developed when she was shot by a silver bullet that emitted UV rays. Talk about pain! And later, after a hilarious impersonation of a regular guy - the kind of guy who says "No problemo" - Eric learned that the Governor now has a way of being immune to being glamoured. Eric managed to escape being detained by flying off, and last we saw him, he was paying a visit to Burrell's daughter, who's featured in the preview for next week's episode.

The preview above also shows Bill stepping a bit closer toward his role as prophet. This comes after two pretty disturbing reveals in last night's episode. The first is that Bill can mind-snap all the bones of a person without even touching them and then suck the blood from her without so much as a snap of his fangs. The second is that he can see the future. This came after he spent a few minutes feeling the pain of vampires all over, including a vampire who was being dragged behind a pick-up truck, an act of violence and hatred too horrific to be fiction, unfortunately, as it seems inspired by the real-life murder that took place in the late 90s. It's a disturbing parallel to make, but one that drives the message of racism home and gives us some insight into Bill's motivation. This scene, which played out in his mind, then played out on the news a little while later, revealing that Bill was seeing something that had not happened. What else did he see? His vampire friends trapped in some facility - probably Burrell's - and eventually exposed to sunlight and burned to a crisp.

Now we know Bill can see the future, can he stop this burning event from happening? Or is what he's seeing all destined to pass? I have to believe he can change it. And as he says in the new preview, he plays by a different set of rules. Knowing what's ahead, Bill may stop at nothing to make sure it doesn't play out as it did in his mind.

Other highlights featured in the preview was the possible arrival of Warlow, Alcide making a decision and an attack on Eric. It may only be a matter of time before those government people get the vampires in Bill's vision (including Eric and Jessica) into that containment facility, but will that happen sooner in the season or later? I suppose it depends on when Bill's vision takes place. The dragged vampire vision happened not long before the news report, but there may not be any set rules as to when he sees it and when it actually happens.

True Blood airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET on HBO. Tr

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