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Ever since promos and trailers for Season 6 of True Blood began popping up, HBO’s popular vampire-based drama has rolled with the tagline, “No One Lives Forever,” which says pretty ominous things about the state of affairs in Bon Temps and the greater Louisiana area. With its sanguine coloring and pissed off or distressed vampire, the brand new poster does exactly what it’s supposed to do: get fans stirred up about the action coming their way in Season 6.

While the image sort-of looks like Bill Compton writhing in pain, EW says the image is simply supposed to represent a composite and not meant to be one character or another. This is good, because I’m not exactly sure what the hell happened to Bill (well, more so, how) at the end of Season 5, but the results didn’t exactly maintain the man’s handsomeness or pleasantness. I’m not certain where the new season will take the character; suffice to say, we haven’t gotten a teaser in the above photo.

True Blood wrapped up its fifth season with a cliffhanger ending that has left fans waiting for more. Plenty of changes have gone underway in the off-season. Namely, creator and showrunner Alan Ball left the series to pursue other projects (See Cinemax’s Banshee). Additionally, the series has signed on a slew of new actors, some of whom you can see in HBO’s recent release of images from the new season.

True Blood’s sixth season premieres on June 16 at 9 p.m. ET.

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