Recently released clips from the upcoming sixth season of True Blood have given us some hints as to what the characters are up to as the new season resumes. The latest teaser doesn't show us any of the characters, however we do hear their voices, which come along with the sight of a bottle of Tru Blood, which - from the sound of the news broadcast included in the audio - has become a precious commodity among the vampire community in True Blood.

Among the mayhem in Season 5 was the destruction of Tru Blood factories, which were blown up as part of the Sanguinistas plan to cause chaos and force vampires to feed on humans… well, the vampires that weren't already feeding on humans, anyway. The teaser above emphasizes the panic that's ensuing as the shortage of Tru Blood has the desired effect on the vampire community. We also hear some venomous words from humans and vampires alike, expressing hatred toward each other. Jason Stackhouse can be heard saying "it's us against them," while it sounds like Jessica's somewhere in the middle, talking about the world "spinnin' out of control." Not everyone has chosen a side, and it may be the people in the middle (Jessica, Sookie and others) who will either be caught in the crossfire or they'll be the ones who bring things back to a more stable place.

The new teaser follows a series of clips, one of which shows us Eric getting some information, another has Alcide dealing with pack issues and another shows Jason ready to kill Nora.

True Blood Season 6 premieres June 16 on HBO.

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