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Boot and rally indeed! Tonight's episode actually built up some serious momentum and left us with a cliffhanger that's far less predictable than some of the previous final moments this season. The fate of more than one character hangs in the balance, and while I have a few guesses as to what might be ahead, anything can happen.

Sookie takes the lead.
First and foremost, I'm very happy to see that it's finally being acknowledged that Sookie has her own strengths. She established earlier in the season that she can throw her hand-lightning around whenever she feels like it, so what's the sense in pretending like she's some quivering victim who can't hold her own? Sure, she doesn't have vampire speed or strength, or the keen sense of smell of a werewolf but she can hold her own. And despite her hangover, she did just that, taking charge outside of the creepy building where Russell was being cared for and pointing out that she's actually their best chance of finding him and getting out of their alive.

Making out with Alcide turned out to be a big tease for those of us who wanted to see Sookie and Alcide attempt a romance. Sookie was drunk, and after she got some of his clothes off then barfed on his feet, Bill and Eric broke up the party. They're on a deadline. They didn't know, at the time, that dawn was the due-date for producing Russell, but they knew time was running out and let's face it, neither of them seemed to mind interrupting the beginning of what could be Sookie's next love story. Bill and Eric needed Sookie to break through the glamour on the parking garage attendant. She did that, and much of their portion of the episode involved retracing said attendant's steps the night Russell was unearthed, which led them to the scary building and eventually Russell.

From what Sookie saw in the mind of the parking attendant, it was a woman who dug up Russell, though we never got to see her face. From the bat pendant on her neck, Bill is convinced it's Nora, and while it seems possible that she's involved, my guess is that it's Lilith. She's presumed dead, right? Maybe she isn't. And maybe she brought Russell back because, let's face it, whether he meant to be or not, he's sort of as spokesperson for the Sanguinista, what with his ""We will eat you! After we eat your children!" speech way back when. At the very least, his motives seem to match that of the Lilith enthusiasts.

The episode left off with Sookie, Bill, Eric and Alcide finding the recovering Russell, and then something happening to Alcide. He yelped and everyone turned to see what happened and that's where the episode ended. What do you think? Lilith? Or someone else?

In related news, the Authority is keeping an eye on Bill and Eric, monitoring their every move. It's a modern age for vampires, what with their iStake apps and ultraviolet light torture devices. I especially like hearing Dieter Braun say things like that they "went to the Kwik-E-Mart for a jumbo coffee and a box of Nutter Butters." Good tracking, ancient vampire. These details could be vital. Keep up the good work!

Where there's smoke…
So now we know what the deal is with Terry, Patrick and Eller. The evil that's stalking them is an Ifrit, though I may accidentally refer to it as an iFrit at some point. The Ifrit is some kind of evil fire beast that's been cursed upon them by one of the victims of the massacre they were all a part of in the Middle East. Eller killed the woman on Patrick's orders, but not before she cursed him with the fiery monster. And tonight we saw Patrick assuming leadership again as he ordered Terry to help him detain Eller after Terry convinced him to let them go. Terry took off, and Patrick got Eller tied up in his bunker, after which he was confronted by the big evil smoke-monster. Is that the end of Eller? Regardless, Patrick and Terry have reason to fear. Terry seems to get that, but Patrick doesn't. And what does any of this have to do with anything else? Nothing as far as I can tell. This story seems to be entirely focused on Terry, but perhaps he'll head back to Bon Temps and bring the trouble with him.

Tara showed up to Fangasia tonight dressed all sexy and seeming somewhat less apprehensive about her vampirism, though she didn't appreciate being ordered to work behind the bar. After Pam yelled at her for attacking one of the patrons, Tara and Jessica had a heart-to-heart, new-vampire-to-less-new-vampire. As Jessica pointed out, Tara, Bill and Eric are old. They don't remember what it's like to be young and new and hungry all the time. We've seen Jessica deal with the frustrations of being new and controlling her impulses, a challenge for any teenager under normal circumstances, and likely heightened by a constant craving for blood. But she's in a better place these days, for the most part.

It seemed like Jessica got through to Tara, especially when she pointed out the fact that they're going to be young and beautiful forever. But then Jessica caught Tara feeding on Hoyt in the bathroom stall, and their BFF-ship ended. I guess the girl-rule about not going after your friend's ex applies as much to vampires as it does to any other set of females. So, while things don't look good for Tara and Jessica's friendship, it is good to see Tara learning to embrace her new lifestyle. And she can now smoke a cigarette down to the filter in one quick drag. A nice time-saver, though I have to wonder why a vampire would smoke. Does nicotine affect them? At least they don't have to worry about lung cancer.

Shifter drama.
It's funny to see Sam telling Andy his version of the story involving the murder of two shape-shifters and realizing that he's being 100% honest. The two gunshot victims he found dead were his friends, they were also shifters and he was stopping by to shape-shift with them and run through the woods. That's what he told Andy and that's pretty much exactly what happened. Jason noted how much "Sups" were getting away with before vampires came out of the coffin. It's probably true. The bizarreness of Sam's story attests to that.

So who killed the two shifters? Probably the same bunch of masked hooligans who shot Sam and later Luna outside of Luna's house. Sam stopped by to tell her about what happened to their friends, and as he was leaving a group of people pulled up to the house, called Sam a shifter (so they obviously know who he is) and shot him. Luna ran out to help him and was shot herself. Then Emma ran out, but fortunately she was quick to heed Sam's warning and promptly turned herself into a wolf and ran into the woods. It looked like Luna was either dead or close to dead, with a bullet in her abdomen, but I'm thinking Sam is ok.

Who are these people? Sup-haters? They're using wooden bullets with a silver core, which to me suggests that they're open to killing vampires and werewolves in addition to shape shifters, since I'm thinking a bullet like that would do the job for all three supernatural beings, no?

Finally, Lafayette was on his own tonight, dealing with the realization that his inner demon could have killed Sookie when he messed with her car. He begged Jesus to give him a sign that he was there. Later, Lafayette saw Jesus' head in front of him with his mouth sewn shut. Creepy-gross! Lafayette couldn't understand him, but his mother, who had a similar vision, apparently could. Welcome back Alfre Woodard (aka Ruby Jean Reynolds)! Hopefully she'll get the message to Lafayette soon.

The cliffhangers.
We're left to wonder what will become of Sam, who's shot, and Emma, who ran off into the woods. Who's betting that someone from Marcus' old pack doesn't track her down? We know Marcus' mother wants to be a part of Emma's life. Little pup may just run straight to them. Speaking of pups, what happened to Alcide? Did he get attacked by whatever vampire was helping Russell? And what's next for Terry and Patrick? Can they outrun the Ifrit? Is there some way to break the curse?

In other news...
After their faery encounter, Andy is looking to put the ordeal behind him, lest it interfere with his relationship with Holly. Meanwhile, Jason is having haunted visions of his parents with bites in their necks, after having learned that they were killed by vampires. I loved the He-Man pajamas he was wearing in his dream-flashback. Speaking of pajamas (or lack thereof), poor Arlene encountered Andy sleeping in the buff on the couch. Faery hangover.

Quotes worth repeating…
"We will fight and let the night cleanse us of our sins and lead us to victory," Roman
"I've waited so long for this," Alcide says. Sookie responds by throwing up.
"I just need some fucking help," Lafayette, asking Jesus for a sign.
"Cheese and crackers, Andy! Would you put some clothes on? Have you lost your mind?" - Arlene to Andy.
"If I wanted to look like a drag queen, I would've raided Lafayette's closet," Tara
"I fucked a faery?" Andy
"Your iStakes are set to activate at dawn. Bummer, right?" Molly
"New York City smells like pee and the people are rude," Eric

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