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This True Detective Spoof Is The Greatest Thing You'll See All Day

While we’re over here wondering which actresses are going to land roles in Season 2 of HBO’s True Detective, Kate Mara and Ellen Page are busy showing us what Season 2 should be like. If only we could see them over our towering computer monitors.

For the above Funny or Die parody, Mara and Page play two detectives who want to take a bite out of crime, just with very, very small teeth. “Tiny Detectives,” as it’s called, takes place in a big, bad world filled with normal-sized people, and also tall people. And also…tiny people.

Written by the always hilarious comedian Jake Fogelnest, “Tiny Detectives” takes one joke, that these actresses are quite short, and runs it into the ground. Luckily, they do it in the shape of a flat circle, so it remains quite amusing throughout. The spoof actually contains two joke tropes that I laugh at no matter what situation they’re presented in. One is the “tall person in a trenchcoat that is actually just someone sitting on another person’s shoulders” gag – I believe that’s the technical term for it – for which Page refers to Mara as her “face penis.” Slam. Dunk.

The other trope I love, which is almost embarrassing to say, is giant props. As funny as it was to watch Mara attempt to pick up Page to see the top of a shelf, I was completely won over by that humongous badge and gun. I’m not the most highbrow guy sometimes, it’s true. Now if only we could actually get these two actresses into a screwball detective comedy for reals. There’s still time to add them, HBO!

This is hardly the first True Detective spoof that’s come out since the first season concluded back in March. It’s kind of surprising that it took Funny or Die this long to get to this point. But then again, most of the other parodies just riffed on how bonkers Matthew McConaughey’s Rust Cohle sounded, so at least we got some originality here. Still, there are few things funnier than hearing Patton Oswalt wax random like he does below.

True Detective’s Season 2 is currently in the casting process, having just confirmed Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn for two of the leads. It’s set to begin production this fall, so everyone be on the ready to figure out the perfect way to spoof it as soon as its first episode airs at the beginning of next year.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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