Now in its 10th season, Two and a Half Men is still a ratings juggernaut for CBS, helping the network to win Thursday’s ratings each week. Now, creator Chuck Lorre and some of his merry Two and a Half Men band are putting together a new comedy project for CBS. With the success of Two and Half Men and some of the same big names involved with the half-hour project, it’s no surprise CBS' project is looking like a “top prospect.”

Deadline first reported the news, noting that the new project with CBS is rolling with the title Mom, which is a generic enough title that it will make it difficult for fans to look up information on the Internet (sort of like Episodes), so I really hope the network rethinks it if the pilot goes to air. Mom will follow a female single mother who lives with her family in Napa Valley. Due to her drinking problems, she hasn’t always been the best parent, but in the series, she will be actively working to stay sober and maintain control over her life.

Lorre is writing the pilot, alongside a couple of people involved with Two and a Half Men, including Men executive producer Eddie Gorodetsky and story editor Gemma Baker, whom Deadline is describing as an “up-and-comer.” Since Lorre is behind not only Two and a Half Men, but also The Big Bang Theory and Mike & Molly, Mom definitely has a good chance of being a successful pilot at CBS and moving forward at the network. Despite the unfortunate title, the single mother-based comedy is one to keep an eye on.

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