Back in January, A&E announced it had two serial-killer series in development. The first, Bates Motel, was based on Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho (which was based on the novel of the same name by Robert Bloch - Ed.) and would be a prequel to the film most of us know and love. The second series, Those Who Kill, was being adapted from a Danish series that featured a detective and a profiler trying to catch serial killers. Because Bates Motel seemed to be the higher-profile project of the two, it was no surprise when A&E jumped the gun and sent the idea straight to series.

After Bates Motel was picked up, however, I made the assumption that Those Who Kill was dead in the water, thanks to the plotline also featuring serial killers -- who really wants to go heavy on the creepy murder types? Apparently, A&E feels both shows are unique enough to give a shot and has ordered a pilot for Those Who Kill. According to Deadline, Cowboys & Aliens producer Brian Grazer is executive producing the project alongside Francie Calfo, Peter Bose, Jonas Allen, and Glen Morgan, who also wrote the script.

I’m a sucker for profiler dramas, having watched Ally Walker in the lead on Profiler as well as getting into every single episode of Criminal Minds. Having another detective/profiler relationship on air won’t hurt me one bit. However, I’m still unsure the average audience will choose to watch Those Who Kill -- even with the show’s prolific producers -- over a Norman Bates hotel prequel. I guess we will find out in the coming months.

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