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VH1 has announced they are definitely bringing back Behind the Music, which means we have a reason to watch the cable network again. The popular series began back in 1997 and ran until 2002, with a few episodes airing until 2006. Last fall VH1 aired a New Kids on the Block Behind the Music special that was extremely popular.

So far Lil Wayne and Scott Weiland have signed to participate, and other artists are closing in on an agreement. Behind the Music was really a show that defined VH1 for a lot of viewers. It’s where you often first heard from the artists themselves about some tragic and personal events, like the death of Metallica bassist Clif Burton during a European tour. The series was the inspiration for a silly little video I did for my brother-in-law when he graduated from high school years ago.

VH1 plans to shed the light on a lot of newer artists that have come out since the show stopped, but also go back and hit the performers they missed. The only problem I can see is the network making too many changes and updates. Jim Forbes – the distinctive voice over guy – needs to be there, and the same format of the story has to remain. They can update the logos and graphics a bit, but anything too dramatic may turn off fans of the series. Now if VH1 just brought back Pop Up Video I’d be ecstatic.