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The Flash hasn’t been shying away from digging into the deep archive of DC Comics characters, whether adding members of the rogues gallery like Captain Cold or potential future superheroes like Cisco Ramone, a.k.a. Vibe in the comics. One of the most surprising character announcements was casting Robbie Amell to play Ronnie Raymond, who will eventually become fellow superhero Firestorm. Of course, as many DC Comics fans know, Firestorm is not a single individual, but a combination of two people, and now we know who will be playing the other half.

TV Line is reporting that Alias alum Victor Garber will debut as Doctor Martin Stein in episode 12 of The Flash. As per the outlet, he'll play a scientist obsessed with transmutation. He's arrogant and has lost everything, but he'll keep pushing forward, especially after he discovers the particle accelerator has fused him with Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell) and he needs to find a way to split them up.

Although Firestorm has been a combination of many different people since his creation in 1978 (currently Raymond and Jason Rusch in the New 52), Raymond and Stein are the most well-known duo. Raymond was previously alluded to by executive producer Greg Berlanti during the summer, when he said there was a “good chance” we would meet Stein on the show, and that an early draft of the pilot script included Stein. While it will be awhile until we meet the physicist, Raymond will debut in episode 3 during a flashback to the particle accelerator explosion. So, while we won’t see Stein during the ensuing chaos in that episode, remember that he’s around.

Firestorm is primarily known in the comics for his unusual transmuting powers (he can rearrange the atomic and subatomic structure of any non-organic matter) and bizarre appearance (glowing eyes and a flaming head...what more is there to say?). However, Stein and Raymond’s conflicting personalities are another notable aspect of the duo. Stein is intellectual and calculating while Raymond is brash and impulsive. When they join to become Firestorm, Raymond controls the body while Stein is the voice of reason in his mind giving advice. It’s not the best setup, but it typically gets the job done. Garber is a pro at playing smart, authoritative figures, so it’ll be fun to see him arguing with Amell’s Raymond as the two of them are fused into this weird entity.

Stein is the fourth Firestorm character to appear on The Flash after Raymond, super-villain Multiplex and most notably main character Caitlin Snow, who is Firestorm’s primary nemesis Killer Frost in the New 52. Snow is also Raymond’s fiance, and as of the pilot believes that he was killed during the explosion. We already know that isn’t the case, but if the comics influence her the way they’re influencing Raymond, then Stein will probably get drawn into a lovers quarrel at some point.