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Last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live brought Bryan Cranston back into the comedic spotlight. If you missed it, we have some video clips from Cranston’s night as host of SNL.

Cranston may be brilliant on AMC’s Breaking Bad but last night he proved that he hasn’t forgotten how to be funny. Below are some clips from the episode, including the sketch where he plays Billy Rae Cyrus (“It’s pretty cool.”). You might also want to check out the “What Up With That” sketch, which features guest appearances by Ernest Borgnine and Morgan Freeman. Freeman deserves credit for keeping a straight face throughout the sketch. Ernest Borgnine wasn’t so successful.

Rahm Emmanuel Address Cold Open

Bryan Cranston's Monologue

Pepto Bismol Ice

Miley Cyrus Show

What Up With That

Shanna: Basketball Game

Digitial Short: Rescue Dogs 911 App

Kid Smartz Game Show

Update: Anthony Crispino

Update: 'Cathy'

The Bjelland Brothers

Basement Karate


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Saturday Night Live airs on Saturday nights at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

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