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Those who were worried that Matt Lauer might be leaving NBC’s Today show needn’t stress any more. Lauer isn’t going anywhere... at least, not anytime soon from the sound of it. Lauer confirmed the news on Today this morning. Watch the video ahead!

While there was apparently talk that Lauer might be leaving Today at the end of his contract, that’s not to be the cast. This morning, he confirmed that he’s sticking with the show, calling Today his family and saying, “I love this job, I love working with you guys." According to the series’ website, Matt has signed a new long-term contract with NBC News, though the site doesn’t specify how long.

Here’s the video of his announcement...

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Lauer has been with Today since 1994, though he didn’t start co-anchoring until 1997.

Earlier this week Ryan Seacrest appeared on the show and the two discussed (and sort of joked about) the rumors that Seacrest might be taking over Lauer’s role as host. While Seacrest will be working with NBC at some point in the future (including covering the Olympics), it doesn't look like he'll be filling Lauer's shoes... yet anyway.

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