Vince Vaughn And Colin Farrell Officially Set For True Detective Season 2, Here's Who They're Playing

HBO has finally confirmed that Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell are on board to star in True Detective Season 2. There have been a lot of reports about casting for the second season of the crime-focused anthology series. Today comes word from HBO that two of the leads are on board and there's more casting to come. Here's the official descriptions for their roles:

Colin Farrell as Ray Velcoro, a compromised detective whose allegiances are torn between his masters in a corrupt police department and the mobster who owns him.Vince Vaughn as Frank Semyon, a career criminal in danger of losing his empire when his move into legitimate enterprise is upended by the murder of a business partner.

HBO describes True Detective's second season as: Three police officers and a career criminal must navigate a web of conspiracy in the aftermath of a murder.


Colin Farrell has been rumored for the lead for while now. He confirmed his participation in the series just the other day, and it looks like HBO's ready to start going on record with updates on the series' plot and cast. We learned back in August that Vaughn was circling a role as well.

As the above casting notes, Colin Farrell is playing a detective, while Vaughn's tapping into his darker side as a career criminal who's on the verge of losing everything. Assuming Farrell's Ray Velcoro is one of the mentioned police officers, that leaves two major roles to be filled. HBO notes that there are more casting announcements to me made, and that'll happen once they're confirmed.

Beyond the casting announcements, HBO has also confirmed that Justin Lin will direct the first two episodes of Season 2.

Given the anthology nature of the series -- in that each season will focus on a new story and a new set of characters -- fans have been abuzz about who might star in Season 2 and what it will be about. Information on the plot and cast of the series has been circulating and shifting for months. Taylor Kitsch, Elisabeth Moss, Michelle Forbes and Rachel McAdams are some of the names that have been reported as in talks or contention for roles, however they haven't been confirmed by HBO as of yet.

True Detective Season 2 is expected to air in 2015. Everything we know about Season 2 of True Detective can be found here.

The first season is currently available on HBO Go and Blu-ray/DVD (opens in new tab).

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