Spoilers if you haven't seen last night's The Walking Dead episode, "Still"! Those who did tune in to the AMC zombie drama may have been surprised to discover that the entire episode was focused on two characters, as opposed to being split between sub-groups while Rick's people continue to wander in their own directions. Based on the preview for next week's "Alone," it looks like the series will be back to a split focus, putting Sasha, Maggie and Bob in a low-ammo predicament and revisiting Daryl and Beth.

"Still" was all about Daryl and Beth, resulting in a slower-paced episode that piled most of its thrills into the first half and left the second half to offer us a deeper understanding of Daryl and Beth. On one hand, I want to appreciate "Still"'s efforts to reveal some background information on these characters, but on the other hand, I'm not sure this closer examination revealed much more than we might have assumed. Daryl's arc on this series has been a steady progression to survivor-extraordinaire, so it's hardly a bombshell that he wasn't much more than his brother's follower in his pre-zombie life.

I wasn't especially intrigued by that aspect of the story in last night's episode, but I think it was more relevant to see Daryl's reaction to his own memories and his life, which he rarely addresses. His frustration and disappointment came out, and considering he's not really the kind of guy to talk about his feelings, that was interesting, and it suggests that he's growing closer with Beth. Also interesting was Beth's moonshine-induced decision on how to end the night. Rather than curl up and fall asleep inside the cabin that represented Daryl's former life, she voted to burn it down. Take all that moonshine and use it as fuel to torch the past, give said past the finger and walk away. I like to think that's an indication of who Beth is at her core, strong and hopeful. Let's hope that fire had a healing effect for both of them.

Moving on to next Sunday's episode, it looks like we're about to see what happens when you run out of ammo during the zombie apocalypse. We get a glimpse of that situation in the preview for the episode, and this clip gives us a better look at Bob, Sasha and Maggie's approach to protecting themselves against the walkers. Shoulder to shoulder....

Bob may not be doing so well there. Here he is in a still from the episode:


So far, since the series has come back from break, all of the main characters have survived their post-prison adventures, but is it just a matter of time before someone falls victim to zombies or predatory humans? here's a glimpse at Beth from the episode:


Let's hope everyone manages to survive "Alone," as we're coming up on the season finale, with there episodes following Sunday's. The Walking Dead airs Sunday at 9:00 p.m. Et on AMC.

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