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When Season 6 of The Walking Dead gets here next month, we know we’ll be introduced to not only a pack of new characters, but the series’ biggest herd of walkers to date. But what happens later? According to details behind a new casting call, we might just be meeting up with the biggest bad man of them all, Negan, by the time this season is over. Unless we don’t, of course, because that’s just how this show works sometimes.

Here is the description for the casting, and take note that the character names are always different from what they’ll be in the show.
Rich, a fiftysomething narcissist who has an angry streak, a Senator-like charm and the charisma of a car salesman.

In describing this, TVLine says that the show is “quietly casting” this role and makes the leap to say that it’s probably Negan that they’re looking for. When taking into account all of the characters from the comic book that we hope will show up in the TV show, there aren’t many that this description fits. Negan definitely has one of the harshest angry streaks of any villain in fiction, and his leadership role, while vicious, is based on certain sense of loyalty and cooperation, so the Senator-like charm fits here as well. And if a car salesman dropped F-bombs every other word, then that part of the report would match up, too.

But the “fiftysomething” part of it just doesn’t match up. Negan is in his late 30s or early 40s, and I don’t see the producers taking the unnecessary step of making him older without a particular goal in mind. So here’s who else this casting notice might be talking about.


Based on the age, there’s a good chance that the show is looking to cast Gregory, the somewhat skeezy and definitely cowardly leader of the Hilltop Colony, a survivor-filled area that the show will presumably be heading to during the latter part of the season. Gregory is also a pretentious leader who knows how to turn on the charm when he wants something, and is also quick to show his rage when things don’t go his way. Of course, Negan is a lot more hands on with his anger, while Gregory would rather make others do his dirty work.

Even though we won’t see whoever this character is for many more months, presumably, we can look forward to seeing the rest of the new characters when The Walking Dead Season 6 premieres on Sunday, October 11.