The Walking Dead Challenges Fans To Design The Baddest Zombie Survival Car

If you were tasked with building the ultimate zombie-survival automobile, what would it look like? Would it have machetes on the hood? Automatic shotguns attached to the driver-side window? Flame throwers? It seems like you have to have a flame thrower or two.

These are the questions being asked by the folks behind The Walking Dead Chop Shop, and online contest that allows fans to download an app, log in, and build their perfect survival car. Sponsored by Hyundai and Skybound, the Chop Shop competition tests your survival skills as you construct a car that can cut through the zombie apocalypse. A visit to allows you to peruse a gallery of already-constructed cars. There also are video tutorials that can help you with the app and the auto design. Because lord know that you wouldn’t want to put a chainsaw in the wrong place!

Why build a car in the Chop Shop, though? Members of the Walking Dead Street Team who were on the ground recently at San Diego Comic-Con informed us that those who enter their zombie-car creations will be eligible for a contest that will send the winner to New York Comic-Con. The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman will look at every car creation and choose his favorite. That car will be constructed – actually constructed – and put on display at NYCC. The contest winner will be flown to New York, and also involved in a video presentation that will involve the making of the winning automobile design.

So head on over to and start designing your car! Entrants earn cache points that they can use to get customizable parts for your dream automobile. Once you run out of points, you can answer Walking Dead trivia questions and earn more points … which, of course, will go right back into your car.

At least you won’t have to put a chain around your neck and threaten Comic-Con tourists, which is what happened recently in San Diego in an effort to drum up awareness for the Chop Shop contest. We were on the scene as actors put innocent bystanders into their own Walking Dead moment. It was very exciting watching unsuspecting Comic-Con attendees walk past a “walker” and try to interact. They usually got more than they bargained for.

Below are a few of our favorite pics from the event. Lucky you, though. You get to log on to from the comfort and safety of your own living room. Hit the site and start designing your ideal zombie survival car today. Your idea could be a contest winner!

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Sean O'Connell
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