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The team over at Robert Kirkman’s Skybound reached out to CinemaBlend after the article’s publication to let us know the since deleted social media posts in question weren’t made by someone with foreknowledge of what’s going to happen during Season 7 of The Walking Dead. Given how much rampant speculation there has been about Ezekiel and Shiva, however, there’s still a probability we will end up seeing them sooner rather than later. Whether that’s this upcoming season is still up to fans to wonder about, though. You can check out the original article and all the speculation about when we may or may not see Ezekiel and Shiva, below.

So much about The Walking Dead is kept under wraps for the production process, with the show’s producers always so intent on squashing spoilers. But sometimes details will slip through the cracks, and sometimes those details come from within the franchise itself, as the comic book’s official social media sites appear to have revealed that Season 7 will indeed be introducing the major comic characters Ezekiel, leader of The Kingdom, and his tiger Shiva.

Since every day is a holiday of some kind, today happens to be National Pet Day, and the Internet has been rife with people sharing the appropriate hashtag. It looks like comic publish Skybound’s Walking Dead page got a little overzealous in celebrating Ezekiel and Shiva’s relationship, as they apparently had to change both a Facebook post and an Instagram post after hinting at both the human and animal heading to the show in the near-ish future.

The current Facebook post, which you can see below, had a completely different message originally, according to Comic Book. It used to say “you’ll get to meet Ezekiel and Shiva soon enough,” but obviously got a lot more vague the second time around.

Happy #NationalPetDay! We hope you're loving your pet as much as Ezekiel loves Shiva!

Posted by The Walking Dead from Skybound on Monday, April 11, 2016

On Instagram, the soon-deleted post reportedly said “Don’t worry, Walking Dead fans. You’ll get to meet Ezekiel and Shiva next season.” Along with a couple of tiger emoji, because obviously.

Now, the fact that these posts were supposedly deleted isn’t definitive proof that Ezekiel and Shiva will be introduced in Season 7. It’s entirely possible that it was misinformation, or unconfirmed information at the very least, which inspired the decision to go back and wipe the internet of those original words. But considering The Kingdom is soon such a big part of the story in the comics, I can’t imagine the creative team would hold off for another entire season before bringing them in.

The Walking Dead won’t return to AMC until October to show us who Negan killed and who was telling the truth about it all. But in the meantime, check out everything else premiering in the next few months, check out our summer TV schedule.

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