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Daryl Dixon is not about to sit around terrified about the calamity unfolding around him in the newest promo video for the return of the fourth season of AMC’s zombie epic, The Walking Dead. Daryl Dixon is a man of action, natch, and a hero to everyone who watches the as-popular-as-ever drama. Besides: time waits for no man — dead or undead — and the walkers might be slow, but they’re a-coming regardless, so the time for dillydallying is over.

The promo for the deeper and darker second half opens up with a sweeping look at the absolutely dismal (and smoky!) prison ruins, where we left our heroic survivors at the winter break in total disarray. Following a brief glimpse at Rick and Carl Grimes limping away from the destroyed former holdout, a voiceover from Rick (Andrew Lincoln) chiming in to explain that “I only clung to that for you. We’ll never get things back to the way they used to be.”

Following the absolutely game-changing and utterly devastating events of the mid-season finale, the aftermath is the apparent focal point for the remainder of the season. Everything’s changed now that the group of survivors are scattered and forced to fend for themselves. Everyone’s fate hangs in the balance as Daryl, Tyreese, Beth and Maggie Greene, Lizzie and more are forced to fend for themselves beyond the security of the prison walls. The promo also features a stern Dixon insisting that he’s not afraid of nothing, a head-chopping Michonne, and a Tyreese that seems quite concerned with finding a safe place to hide away in — and sooner rather than later. (We don’t blame him.) We also hear Beth proclaim ominously, “You’ve got to stay who you are, not who you were” because that’s not a loaded statement on a series like this or anything. Eeep.

Unlike before (when life was just a total cakewalk, har har har), life beyond the fences and walls grows increasingly perilous as new dangers, enemies, and life-or-death decisions must be made in the face of survival. No doubt some faith-testing (and possibly faith-breaking) decisions will have to be made during the second half of season four. It’s likely that we’re to encounter a few terribly unwanted deaths, too. Just don’t let it be Daryl: please, anyone but Daryl!

Dixon (Norman Reedus) will no doubt be forced to face the reality of his current situation, considering the fact that we’ve yet to see how he’ll react to the news that his closest buddy, Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride), has been banished from the prison where the survivors have holed up. After he’d already been betrayed by Bob and lost his big brother Merle last season, meaning: we’re inclined to pity poor Dixon. He’s had a fairly rough go of it thus far and it’s a pretty safe bet that heads will roll should his find the same fate lofted upon it.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, February 9th at 9PM on AMC.

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