AMC has been generous with the inside looks the network has given us for The Walking Dead's third season, as though we need reminding that the premiere is just a few weeks away. The latest look at the series comes in the form of a bunch of photos from the third season's premiere episode. See what Rick and the gang are up to in some of the photos ahead.

A couple of the photos posted give us a look at the exterior of the prison, including this campfire photo. It looks like Beth is looking at (or for) something. Is there a walker nearby?

Here's a great shot (heh) of Rick perched and posed to do a bit of sniping.

And this one gives us a look at the prison from the outside. Are those walkers wandering around inside the fence?

Finally, we have this one, which shows the group single(mostly)-file, making their approach. Daryl's up front with his cross-bow.

And here it looks like Rick and Lori are talking. Having a much-needed heart-to-heart, maybe?

The Walking Dead returns for Season 3 on Sunday, October 14 at 9/8c on AMC. Among the photos below, see Carl (looking serious, as usual),

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