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The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 10 Watch: Inmates

The Walking Dead continues its approach of separate catch-ups for the split-up characters. While last week's episode focused entirely on Carl, Rick and Michonne, tonight's episode filled us in on the rest of the characters, and offered a few twists that some people saw coming. Spoilers (obviously) if you haven't seen the "Inmates" episode of The Walking Dead!

Daryl and Beth

The episode began with a diary entry from Beth when she and the group first arrived at the prison. It's a peek inside the mindset of Beth during that time period. Every character on this series has struggled with hope during this horrible ordeal, but Beth's been especially vulnerable to despair, having once strongly contemplated suicide. The journal entry indicated that she was ready to believe, and her faith is something she inherited from her father. Hershel may be gone, but he's left his mark on these people. So, while Daryl was far superior in terms of killing walkers, Beth appears to be the one pushing this duo forward and motivating Daryl to try to track down their people. Of course, Beth later burned those pages and she burst out crying when she found the remains of the people they found, so her emotional wellbeing may not be so stable right now.

Tyreese, Lizzie, Mika and Judith

Baby Judith is alive! Yeah, that was a running theory from some fans, since we never saw her body. Rick and Carl think she's dead and we were left to wonder if the series spared us the gory sight of a walker snatching up the baby and making it a meal or if someone else got Judith to safety. As it happens, it was Tyreese, who's not only looking after Judith, but has also proven to be a kind and caring mentor to Lizzie and Mika, encouraging them to be safe and strong.

But let's talk about Lizzie because, um...

Lizzie's proven to be a bit unstable from the start. Maybe she's always had behavioral issues or maybe what we're seeing is an example of the kind of effect a dark and twisted reality such as this one can have on an a young and impressionable tween. Yes, Judith's crying was a problem, but smothering the baby wasn't a solution and it didn't seem like she was merely trying to silence the child. Watching Lizzie clamp her hand down over Judith's mouth and nose, tuning the world and her screaming sister out in the process, it seems evident that this girl is a ticking time bomb. It's a relief that Carol is back, because if anyone might detect Lizzie's problems before they become a bigger issue, it's her.

That's right, Carol's back!

Carol saved Lizzie, Judith and Mika from walkers while Tyreese was attempting to save some other people from their own walker attack. Now the group of them are following the tracks to this place that might be safe somewhere down the tracks. Meanwhile, Tyreese has no idea that Carol killed Karen, so that's still sort of out there.

Maggie, Bob and Sasha

These three are together, wondering if Glenn and Tyreese made it. Their goal tonight was to track down the bus and see if they could find Glenn. They found the bus, packed with walkers, some of whom I'm guessing were prison people. None of them were Glenn, but Maggie did add a few notches to her zombie kill count, including bashing the head of one woman against the school bus.

Glenn and Tara

These two were still at the prison. Glenn woke up on a ledge surrounded by walkers and went inside to gather up his things, probably contemplate just giving up and then deciding he needs to go find his wife. His wife. Did anyone else "Awww" when Glenn referred Maggie as that? That was later. At the prison, Glenn put on the swat gear, pushed his way through the crowd of zombies and found Tara sitting by herself inside a fenced in area, wracked with guilt over her participation in the prison attack.

She helped Glenn get out of the prison and then explained about how the Governor told them they were bad and she realizes now he was lying. She also revealed to Glenn that Hershel's dead. He looked understandably devastated, but even more motivated to find Maggie. So these two are teamed up and Glenn seems more in the "I don't want your help, I need it" place.

The episode left off with Glenn passing out and a trio of people showing up, and they're apparently characters from the comic books, so it'll be exciting to see how they factor into this story going forward.

And finally, this signage:

"Hitchhikers may be escaping inmates."

In other words, be careful who you team up with.