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The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 11 Watch: Claimed

Spoilers if you haven't watched tonight's episode of The Walking Dead ("Claimed").

While "Inmates" gave us a look at what was going on with Maggie, Tyrese, Daryl and others, tonight's episode returned to the house where Rick, Carl and Michonne are staying, focusing mainly on those three while also following up on Glenn, Tara and their new friends. With its split focus, it's hard to feel like a whole lot is happening in these episodes, but we are learning a bit more about some of the characters. For example, Michonne did have a son. For another example, given the choice between saving the world and finding Maggie, Glenn would choose Maggie.

Ok, let's be fair here, while Glenn's loyalty to his "wife" is admirable, he really has no reason to believe that this trio of people -- Abraham, Rosita and Eugene -- actually has all the answers or, even if they do, that the answers could fix anything. He just met these people, the information they have is "classified" and he refuses to believe Maggie is dead. Or maybe he's simply decided that the only life he wants is with her, so if he has any chance of moving on, it needs to be in the direction of the woman he loves. And now that they have no car because the good scientist shot it up when he was spraying the walkers-of-the-corn with bullets, the trio of newbies are following Glenn and Tara back toward the bus. It's hard to know if we can trust them. Tara seems wary of Abraham and the story he's giving them. And Glenn doesn't seem to care what their story is. He's going to get back to Maggie.

Meanwhile, Carl and Michonne left Rick at the house while they went off to pilfer through houses and score crazy cheese. Carl was feeling sad about Judith, which led to Michonne revealing that she had a toddler son named Andre. It seemed like maybe she needed to talk about her kid as much as Carl needed someone to relate with his grief. We didn't get all the details on what happened to Andre, but I can't help but wonder what Michonne was thinking when she came across that family of bodies in the child's bedroom. It was evident that the family killed themselves, as all of the corpses were very decayed and they were all laying down or sitting in the room right where they died, judging by all of the blood.

So I'm guessing Michonne was pondering this family's choice, especially as it related to the children. Maybe their parents spared the kids the horror of having to face a world where monsters are real. Maybe they were too terrified to try. We don't know exactly what happened to Michonne's son, and who knows what kind of horror the child faced before he presumably died. Perhaps that's what was on Michonne's mind when she looked at that family and considered her own choices, whatever they were. And in terms of Andre's death, I say presumably because we haven't heard the full story and what Carl said about Judith and Andre possibly being together somewhere made me think perhaps that was a hint that -- like Judith -- Andre isn't dead. Maybe Michonne just assumes he is. It's possible. Or perhaps we'll get the rest of that story later and there will be more firm confirmation that the child died.

And finally, we have Rick, who spent part of the episode resting and part of it hiding under a bed when a bunch of guys showed up and set up shop in the house. Seriously, talk about bad luck. Of all the houses in that area, they had to choose his. It was evident by the way two of the guys fought -- nearly to death -- over one of the beds, and by what was said when they found Michonne's shirt, they're violent guys who kill or do whatever els they want to do to get what they want. Rick had to climb out of a window to escape the house, after strangling one of the guys unconscious, and nearly had to fight another one when he spotted Michonne and Carl coming back to the house. Luck was on their side that a distraction drew the whistling guy away before he saw any of them. That would've been a major problem. Instead, it was all just one big reason for the trio to leave the house. It was nice to have a place to crash, recuperate and scavenge for food, but it's time to get back on the road. Last we saw them, they were looking at a sign directing them to a place that promises shelter. Is it the same place Carol and Tyrese are headed? Possibly. But what will they find there?

As I said, these divided episodes feel a bit lighter in substance than the first half of the season, and aside from trying to figure out what to do or where to go next, there's no central plot driving the story forward right now, but with the characters separated and mostly on the move, it feels like we're starting to see the start of the next chapter to this story. And in the process, the episodes are reminding us of the different kind of survivors out there and the dangers posed to the characters when they're out in the world and not in the "safety" of a secluded farmhouse or prison. I also think we may have taken the benefits of a decent-sized group for granted, as it relates to these characters. Separated as they are now, we're reminded of how dangerous the world is for people, especially given how hard it is to figure out who to trust. Abraham raised a good point when he was talking about people needing other people. It's not safe to be in a small group. But it's also not safe to be in a group with people you can't trust, which is all the more reason that these characters need to find one another and fast.

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