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We're only two episodes in and there are already some serious conflicts to be resolved on The Walking Dead this season. From viruses to rats to people getting torched, there are no shortage of mysteries to solve. As evidenced by the preview for next week's "Isolation," tensions are running high. We also have a clip from the episode that offers a pretty major spoiler in terms of this deadly flu-virus that's going around.

I'm curious about the argument that Hershel's having with Maggie. It seems like they're in some kind of disagreement over the virus. Maybe he wants her to leave? It might not be the worst idea if it means avoiding the flu that's killing people. So far, the characters who've succumbed to this new deadly flu have all been minor ones, whose names we only just barely learned before they died -- or in Karen's case, were killed -- but watch the clip below to see who's getting sick next…

So it seems Sasha's next on the list. But is it too much to hope that this mysterious Dr. S. will find a way to treat this illness?

Who exactly is Dr. S? He or she was referenced during last night's episode, but I don't think we saw them. The mysteriousness of this character could be intentional, especially when we factor in Karen and that other guy's deaths. Could this mystery-doc be the one who killed those two? Maybe they thought it was the best way to protect the rest of the group from the outbreak? Who knows? But with Sasha sick, the stakes just got higher, especially for Tyreese, who's grieving for Karen and will now have to worry about his sister.

And then there's this clip, which teases the car trouble Daryl and Michonne have.

We saw a glimpse of this in the trailer for the season. I really hate that they ran into this pretty serious issue because Daryl wasn't paying attention to the road. Yeah, I get that hearing a voice on the radio is a huge deal, but pull over! This is almost -- almost -- as bad as Lori cruising down the highway with a map in her lap and hitting a walker back in Season 2. Thanks for that reminder, Daryl. You're in zombie-land. Watch the road.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. Et on AMC. Check out our breakdown of last night's "Infected" here.

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