The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale Trailer: What Is Terminus?

It's the end of the line this Sunday with The Walking Dead season 4 finale! Those who arrive, survive! Do they? What is Terminus? Those who watch The Following may have flashed back to the recent "Korban" cult arc, which included a location where a brain-washy recording stating that "Korban is family. Korban is love..." was playing on a loud speaker on repeat throughout the compound. The trailer for the Season 4 finale of The Walking Dead ("A") reminds me of that. The message talking about "Community for all" sounds like it's supposed to be a welcome and encouraging greeting, but it's creepy. Even the name "Terminus" is creepy.

During our breakdown of last night's The Walking Dead episode, "US" -- I'm partially convinced that the last two eps of the season are intentionally US-A, though I expect the "A" title to mean something -- we ran through the status of all of the characters, since we now have a pretty sizable group of people at Terminus, but nearly as many yet to arrive. That brings us to the Walking Dead season 4 finale clips. The preview for "A" indicates that we'll be seeing more of what's going on outside of Terminus. We saw a glimpse of Daryl, but a lot of it seemed focused on Rick, Carl and Michonne, as is the case for the two clips we have to show you from Walking Dead's season 4 finale:

This one has Carl questioning his father on how honest they're going to be about everything that's happened since leaving the prison. I'm wondering what, in particular, he's referencing. What happened at the house? Or something else?

This one's a bit more exciting, as it has Rick showing Carl how to set a trap, and then their attention is diverted to something else...

Is it way too obvious to guess that Carl was just lured into a trap? Or to ask a bigger question, is this clip a major clue about Terminus? There are signs everywhere encouraging people to come to Terminus. But what if it's a trap? (Please feel free to discuss this in the comments section, but if you're including spoilers from the Walking Dead comics, please include a warning as a courtesy!)

With one episode left and still so many characters who have yet to arrive at Terminus, it's possible "A" will focus mainly on said characters' arrival. But I'm still hopeful that the Walking Dead season 4 finale will give us some indication of what is up with that place. And I'm also hopeful Maggie notices Beth's not around sometime soon.

So what is Terminus? That question will be answered when The Walking Dead season 4 finale airs Sunday at 9:00 p.m. ET on AMC.

Kelly West
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