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The Walking Dead Season 5 Photo Shows Daryl In Danger

The new still from The Walking Dead is one of those great and terrible teases that we're not sure we're ready to see, because we're way too far away from the premiere of The Walking Dead to be worrying that something might happen to Daryl. And yet, here we are, looking at Norman Reedus' character bound and gagged and staring upward, like maybe someone has him down on his knees. No!

EW shared the above photo for Season 5 of The Walking Dead. While fans are eager to see any glimpse of what's to come in the AMC zombie drama, this kind of teaser certainly gives us good reason to worry. It's much more revealing and suspenseful than the sight of Rick's face looking out at something. Daryl is very clearly in trouble there. Safe to assume it's the people at Terminus who have him in this predicament? Seems like it, but we can really only speculate.

Hopefully we'll get a better look at the full situation next week. The Walking Dead is set to return to Comic-Con for a big Hall H panel on Friday, July 25. While AMC's announcement of the panel doesn't actually state that we'll see footage from Season 5, if the panel follows tradition from previous years at Comic-Con, we'll see a trailer or some footage from Season 5. And it'll probably leave us hanging just as much as this photo does.

AMC has been doing a fine job of whetting our appetite for all things Walking Dead while the series is on hiatus between the fourth and fifth season. In addition to the above photo and the mentioned Rick pic, AMC also aired a special sneak peek of Season 5 during the weekend of July 4, following the Walking Dead series marathon. And then last week, AMC aired the first of two Walking Dead documentary specials, which focus on the making of the series, with an emphasis on special effects. The second special airs this week, and will show fans how extras in the series go from people to zombies, including the make-up process and what goes on at "Walker University." Inside the Walking Dead: Walker University airs tomorrow night (Tuesday, July 15) at 10:00 p.m. on AMC.

Find out everything we know so far about Season 5 here. And check out that photo of Rick on the lookout after the jump...


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