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Comedian Quincy Jones has had a dream for a long time: to host his own comedy special. Unfortunately, in 2015 he was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer, making that dream rather slim. However, his good pal Ellen dropped the best surprise ever on the stage of The Ellen Show, noting she had hooked up Jones with his very own special that will air on HBO in 2016. His reaction is delightful, and you should give it a watch, below.

Early morning talk shows are often full of goofy bits and special moments, but there’s nothing like the sheer joy of Quincy Jones realizing his special is going to HBO, where it will be out in the world and easily accessible to a much wider range of people. An HBO airing is a much bigger deal than a Digital download available on iTunes or whatever. Throw in the fact that this appearance on Ellen has made the comedian’s story much more prominent in pop culture, and there are sure to be a slew of eyeballs interested in catching the special, which is set to shoot in Los Angeles.

Here’s Quincy’s reaction in gif form, because you really need to see it on repeat:

Quincy jones

A while back, Quincy Jones learned he had Stage IV mesothelioma cancer. He was given a year to live. One of his friends, Nicole Blaine (and her husband Mickey) started a Kickstarter to accomplish Quincy Jones’ big dream: starring in his own stand-up special. They raised some money. Then The Ellen Show, Shutterfly and even HBO got involved. Ellen’s team coordinated and got Quincy Jones on the show after his story went viral, Shutterfly donated some money to make the special out of this world and HBO volunteered to air the special after its taping on April 4.

If you’d like to know more about Jones’ diagnosis, you can catch his first appearance on the show, below.

Ellen DeGeneres has always been generous on her talk show, helping people and organizations out, as well as giving gifts during different episodes (when she's not playing pranks). Helping people to accomplish their goals is always a pretty great thing to do. We're just happy that Quincy Jones will not only get to tape his special, but will be able to share it with the world. It's not a bad PR move for Ellen, either.

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