Marc Maron's new comedy, aptly titled Maron, premieres tomorrow night on IFC and the network has uploaded the second episode in anticipation of the show's debut. It's becoming a common custom for the at least one installment of a fresh series to find their way online as a preview of the coming premiere and this time the Independent Film Channel has opted for Episode 2, "Dead Possum," as the special web preview.

Seems smart. Why show the first episode in advance when you want have strong numbers in the first week. Instead watch "Dead Possum" (above) and then, if you like what you see, tune in tomorrow night for the first installment, "Internet Troll," and show your support. And then, you know, since you've seen it, feel free to skip the following Friday night. Kidding. At least set your DVRs. Also, be sure to check out Maron in Space, a special five part 'web-series' made to promote Maron that features James Adomian doing an impression of the caustic comedian as Captain of a spaceship.

As for "Dead Possum," I always thought it was spelled opossum? In all seriousness, the second episode of Maron was really enjoyable and does a great job of crafting a story on top of the comic's voice which is the real driving force of the series. Then again, I'm a big fan of WTF so it's not much of a stretch that I would also enjoy his television show since it's loosely based on his real life and famous podcast.

The opening 'monologue' of sorts (using mom as a sounding board) was great as was the bit with Denis Leary but I'm less enthusiastic about this Josh Brener (The Internship). The assistant character is rather well-conceived, somehow light and dark, making him interesting companion for Maron but Brener kind of rubs me the wrong way. Maybe he'll grow on me as I continue to watch. At least I know he's not in the premiere.

Maron premieres on Friday, May 3 at 10:00 p.m. ET on IFC. The series was created by Marc Maron and stars Maron, Judd Hirsch, Nora Zehetner, Andy Kindler and Josh Brener.

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