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Just when Season 3 of Sons of Anarchy got really interesting, it wrapped up to break for the summer. In past months FX has piqued fan’s interest over and over again with teaser trailers, including one called “Reunions” and one called ”California.” They even released an extended trailer, featuring Danny Trejo, who is set to play a new character in Season 4.

Now in preparation for the upcoming Season 4 premiere, FX has kindly sent the first four minutes of Sons of Anarchy’s new season out into the universe. Set to “Coal War,” by Joshua James, the segment picks up at the end of most of the Son’s jail tenures. With the music as a backdrop, there isn’t much dialogue to the piece, but it is certainly enough of a tender moment to get me excited about the upcoming season…not that I wasn’t already. Check out the first four minutes, below.

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