Watch: Fox's ADHD Pays Tribute To The '90s With An 8-Bit Music Video

It seems Fox's planned late-night animated comedy block ADHD has found a way to grab the attention of its core audience of twenty and thirty-somethings. Based on this video, it's through 90's nostalgia, with space, 8-bit animation and oodles of 90s pop culture references crammed into a 3-minute tribute song and video, which reminds of days when "space was the coolest," MTV played music, and there was a bizarre but still somehow watch-worthy puppet comedy called Dinosaurs on TGIF.

Nostalgia certainly has its value, especially among the generation that came up during the 80s and 90s. Of course, reminiscing about a life before Jar Jar Binks does tend to make us feel old, so there's the drawback. Regardless, the above video does a nice job of targeting the intended audience for Fox's planned animation comedy block, which is set to debut July 27 at 11:00 p.m. Those looking for a way to pass the time between now and then can subscribe to the ADHD Youtube Channel. In addition to giving fans a glimpse of the upcoming ADHD programming, you'll get videos like the one above to enjoy. That includes a 90s cartoon edition of the Harlem Shake and a more violent take on My Little Ponies, My Little Cowboys. There's really no shortage of ways to procrastinate on that channel.

Among the shows set to be featured on Fox's "Animation Domination High Def" block is Axe Cop. A preview of the series was revealed at Wondercon. You can check that out here. And read more about Fox's ADHD here.

Kelly West
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