Watch A Fox News Host Accidentally Slam His Head Into A DeLorean Door

Welcome to “Back to the Future” day, one of the eight wonders of the modern world—we jest, but seriously how cool is it to be within the day initially nodded at in the movie? Because of the importance of the date, it's been a day filled with plenty of references to the movie, and apparently, even Fox & Friends desired to get in on the action. During today’s episode of the Fox News program, Brian Kilmeade totally smacked his head getting out of a DeLorean on the news program. It’s too amusing. Check it out, below.

It’s not just the giant smack Kilmeade gets to the head when he gets out of the vehicle around the 1-minute mark, as other hosts Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Steve Doocy, plus Huey Lewis from Huey Lewis and the news watch on. The reason it takes the host an entire minute to even smack his head on the darn car door is because Brian Kilmeade actually physically locked himself into the car prior to the incident and couldn’t get out, leaving the other hosts to try and talk around the awkwardness on screen. I guess it’s still hip to be square.


I’m sure this isn’t the first time a person has hit his or her head on the car door of a DeLorean, and it’s unlikely to be the last. However, it is the first time I’ve seen such a silly thing happen on live TV and I’m so happy there’s video evidence of the encounter. Even better, Brian was dressed up as Marty McFly the entire time these shenanigans were happening. In the spirit of competition, now’s probably a great time to crack a joke about how one of the other news networks would be too cool to let something of this ilk happen, but live news programs are exactly the type of shows that are primed for this sort of awkward on-camera blooper. It could've happened to anyone.

What makes the whole thing even more hilarious is that Huey Lewis wanders over and tries to open the door, mentioning they’d practiced the whole thing in advance and the segment was still failing despite the rehearsal. Seriously, if you haven’t watched this clip, yet, do so, now.

Actress Lea Thompson was also on the show this morning, although nothing wild happened with her appearance. If you are digging around looking for new Back to the Future info on this fine and illustrious day, you can check out exactly why Crispin Glover had a problem with the Back to the Future ending or how Eric Stoltz had a much bigger impact on the flick than people may realize. You can thank us later.

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