Twenty years ago, if you had said that two decades from now, Will Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Alfonso Ribeiro would be rocking out on stage together, with Smith's son joining in and Mercedes from License to Drive - who I'm pretty sure hasn't aged at all - applauding in the background, I'm not sure I would have believed it, but I would've been more than happy to watch. Of course, twenty years ago, the internet wasn't quite as accessible, so the likelihood that those of us on this side of the pond would have seen this great segment from The Graham Norton Show back then would've been pretty slim. That's the beauty of the internet and the power of nostalgia, for you!

The above video has been making the rounds, showing a snippet of a recent episode of BBC's The Graham Norton Show, in which Will and Jaden Smith were presumably there to plug After Earth, while Heather Graham and Bradley Cooper were likely promoting The Hangover 3. But it wasn't all movies for these actors. As the above video shows, Will and Jaden took time away from being interviewed to do some rapping, which led to a very familiar TV show theme song and the appearance of Smith's other-musical-half DJ Jazzy Jeff, and a surprise appearance by another Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star, Alfonso Ribeiro. The Carlton dance had to happen. And it did! Thank you, internet... and Graham Norton!

Smith's been on a roll with great father-son moments and nostalgic musical numbers these days. Watch him bust out some "Summertime" lyrics on Letterman here and see him smother his son with affection on Ellen here.

Carlton dance

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