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The Game of Thrones opening sequence and song are one of many reasons to love the show. Since the HBO series' premiere, the opening sequence has been celebrated on The Simpsons and you can find plenty of covers of it on YouTube, including this truly bizarre one one sung by a cat. The latest one worth watching is the video above, which may be one of the more amazing covers shared of late, and has the song performed on a carillon - a set of bells in a tower, which are operated by playing a keyboard or some other piano-like instrument.

According to the caption included with the video shared at the University of Wisconsin-Madison YouTube channel this weekend, the Game of Thrones theme music was performed by Lyle Anderson on the university's carillon. The carillon was dedicated in 1936 and consists of 56 bells, which range in size from 15 to a whopping 6,823 pounds. Lyle Anderson has been serving as the official carillonneur at the school for nearly three decades.

The video is great, not only because it gives us an earful of the familiar tune as performed with bells, but it also gives us a look at Anderson at the keyboard, playing along to sheet music, as well as the bells ringing out the song. And we get to see the tower where the bells ring. Pretty great stuff, especially for Game of Thrones fans who love the theme song.

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