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Watch Hugh Jackman, Nick Offerman And More Play Password On Fallon

From Pictionary to charades, even Beer Pong and something called Flip Cup Jimmy loves bringing celebrities on his show to play with him. Last night’s The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon was no exception when Hugh Jackman and an injured Nick Offerman took on the team of Fallon and Susan Sarandon, who is having too much fun on late night TV these days, in a game of Password. Tonight Show announcer Steve Higgins acted as host. Watch the clip below:

It's the details that make these games fun. All the gentlemen are dressed in suits and the adhesive name tags make them all look like they just came from a sales conference. The classic 1970’s aesthetic is a little thrown off by Susan Sarandon’s New York Rangers jersey but when you’re the one on stage with an Acadamy Award you can wear whatever you like. There’s apparently some kind of sporting contest in which the team is currently involved.

The game ends up being much more well matched than it appears early on. The team of Jack-Offerman (Nick apparently had naming rights) looks to runaway with the game after the first clue while it looks like Fallon may have hamstrung himself, as Sarandon takes an awfully long time to come up with the one clue for oyster that’s so obvious you’ve already thought of it. Eventually she gets there and a quite competitive game continues. The game ends without a winner, which is a bit anti-climactic, though as the game has no stakes whatever, perhaps it was never that big a deal.


Offerman said later in the show during an interview segment with Fallon that he tore his meniscus while on his comedy tour (now that’s a comedy show to be seen). He was there to promote Gumption: Relighting the Torch of Freedom with America's Gutsiest Troublemakers, his new book is a historical, and humorous, look at some of Offerman’s favorite Americans.

Jackman, who is having a Wolverine-less summer for the first time in a few years, was on the Tonight Show to do some early promotional work for October’s upcoming Pan, a Peter Pan prequel where he will be playing Blackbeard. He also took Fallon to task for previous comments on Vegemite. Apparently there’s a “right way” to eat it. Who knew? Well, other than than the entire nation of Australia.

Dirk Libbey

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