Watch Jimmy Fallon Read Embarrassing Text Message Exchanges

Now that Parks and Recreation has ended its run, Aziz Ansari has some free time on his hands, and he’s using that time to head to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. During his appearance on Monday night, Jimmy and Aziz got into some shenanigans, reading real-life text message fails from some dudes.

Many a woman has gotten an awkward text message from a dude at one point or another. So, Jimmy Fallon put the word out that he was looking for awkward texts. After plenty of people sent some in, the best were chosen for the show and Ansari and Fallon read them live on the air. There's one thing for certain; these text messages should go a long way to make you feel better about your own texting mishaps, whether you were on the receiving or the giving end. That includes such gems as the following:

My friend have me this number. Said a smart, pretty girl needed to be taken out to dinner? Where are you wanting to go?... This is Ron btw is was trying to be clever.

If those typos aren’t enough to amuse you, there’s also the guy who says he wants to “texty introduce” himself, the guy who really, really loves alcohol and the guy with the worst pick up lines ever. Just look at the length of this last text message…


The text messaging segment sort-of correlates with Ansari’s new book Modern Romance, which takes a look at the modern world of dating, online dating and how the experience of dating is universal. People can relate to the creepo texter or the girl who won’t text you back. Fallon’s also the perfect late night host for this bit, as he enjoys goofy segments that involve his guests, such as recreating music videos, and if we are going the online dating route, signing up Britney Spears for Tinder.

While we’ll miss Ansari’s presence on NBC, the actor’s already got a new show in the works over at Netflix. The new project was co-created by Ansari and Parks and Rec co-executive producer Alan Yang and will feature H. Jon Benjamin, Eric Wareheim, Lena Waithe and more. We’ll let you know when the new Ansari series gets a premiere date; in the meantime, you can catch The Tonight Show on weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET.

Jessica Rawden
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